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  • The school will insist on strict punctuality, regular school attendance, cleanliness in dress, general grooming and diligence in study and work assignments. Absence from school for mere social functions will be strongly discouraged.
  • Students should arrive at the school 15 minutes before the first bell.
  • The warning bell is a signal for all to go to the Assembly. After the Assembly, they should go to classrooms, get their books ready in silence and prepare for the beginning of the class. Change of classrooms between periods must be done in silence.
  • All students must come clean and neatly dressed in the school uniform according to the season.
  • The School Diary should be brought to school daily it should be used to note down the daily lessons, homework and other instructions given by teachers. Any student tampering with his/her school diary or another’s or who loses the diary of defaces it will be subject to disciplinary action. A fine of Rs.50/- will be levied and new diary will have to be purchased with the necessary remarks about the loss in it.
  • Care must be shown for school property; therefore, the students must not scratch or deface the desks, write in chalk or pencil on the walls or in any way damage what belongs to others. Damage done or noticed, should be reported at once. Even if it is caused by accident, the damage has to be made good. Conduct, that is injurious to the moral tone of the school or incompatible with strict discipline, is liable to bring dismissal.
  • When students move along the corridors, or when they group or come down the stairs, as when changing class or during the recess, they must walk in perfect silence and in single file. They should always keep to the left except when several classes are moving along the corridors or are going up or coming down the stairs.
  • Students should take an honest pride in keeping the school premises clean. Great care must be taken not to litter the campus with lunch scraps, fruit peel, scrap paper, toffee wrappers, polythene bags, etc. They should use the bins specially provided for the purpose.
  • No student is allowed to remain in the classroom or in the corridors during recess or P.T. periods. Once on the ground, nobody may return to the classroom without special permission of the Vice-Principal or the Class Teacher. He/ she should be accompanied by the Monitor.
  • Books (other than text or library books), magazines or paper, or any other object liable to prove a source of disturbance for the smooth running of the school, such as transistors, cameras, etc. should not be brought to school without the prior permission of the Principal or the Vice-Principal.
  • Money should not be lent or borrowed, or articles exchanged. The school is not responsible for the goods or money lost. It is not advisable to bring valuables (like gold ornaments, expensive watches or fountain pens etc..) to school.
  • Students who come to school in the care of servants should never leave before the servants arrive to take them home. Those who go home alone, particularly those who stay for the evening games, should not loiter on the way but be prompt in returning home.